Our Antique


We have a range of services to provide for your antiques. This includes cleaning, restoration, furniture hire and delivery services. Why not check out bellow at what we can provide for your antiques.

This Is Our

Process Walk Through

0.1 Meet Up For A Brief Chat

We will start the process by meeting up for a quick chat. it can be anywhere such as a nice coffee shop or stroll through a park. However we are always open to doing a skype call instead. We'll discuss the base of you and your needs for your antiques.

0.2 Initial Planning

The second stage of the process is planning. Here is where we would discuss a plan of any of our services that you've selected. We would go back and fourth so we both know what action theFind can take. The planning is put in place so we know exactly what to do be for the real work begins.

0.3 The Real Work Begins

At this stage we've already discussed the plan and now it's time to put it into action. With any selected service we vow to bring the highest quality at the quickest time possible. Your goods are important to us so it's important that we carry out our work thoroughly and responsibly.

0.4 Completion And Feedback

The final stage of the process. We've finally made it to the point of completion. Be it restoration or a simple delivery service we would love to hear some feedback on our work. Any kind of feedback would be helpful for us to grow in the future.